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Sun City Shredding

Are you overpaying for document shredding? 
Stop Shredding your cash profits today!

Since 1995, Sun City Shredding has provided exceptional paper shredding and recycling services to the El Paso area. Locally owned and operated, Sun City Shredding saves your business money while providing superior customer service and secure document storage and disposal.

In order to guarantee the best prices and ensure your savings, we offer our esteemed clientele a 20% discount off whatever they are currently paying their current document destruction company.

Even with lower prices and a local mind-set, our shredding operation still maintains the level of security and service of even the largest national competitors. Why Pay more for the same job while send your money out of town? Keep it in El Paso!

More than just a paper shredder company, Sun City Shredding provides the El Paso community a number of affordable services including document management, indexing services and paper recycling , among others.

Choose Sun City Shredding if you want secure, professional, environmentally-conscious and affordable service while keeping your hard[earned money...in the Sun City.

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9230 Billy the Kid St. El Paso, TX 79907
Phone: (915) 542-1111
9230 Billy the Kid St. El Paso, TX 79907