Why On-Site Shredding is a Waste & Off-Site Shredding is Better

The reason we do not provide on-site shredding is because it is simply less secure. Your containers are opened and exposed to the outside elements. When bins are dumped, sheets of paper have the possibility to flutter out and away from the inside of a mobile shredding truck. Unfortunately, a momentary gust of wind can send your confidential information across town!  These companies will typically invent charges to justify their pricing, when in reality- you are just paying for an expensive truck. Plus, on-site shredding units on trucks are smaller and slower than standard industrial shredders. If the company is charging by the minute, you can expect the bill to be high due to this slow, inefficient method.

Off-Site Shredding Is More Secure Because:

  • Documents Remain Locked Inside The Container

  • Transported Inside A Secure Vehicle

  • Unloaded Inside a Secure and Clean Facility

  • Only Handled by Insured and Screened Employees

  • Documents are Blended and Shredded

  • Compressed with 30,000 Pounds of Force

  • Baled into 1200 lb. Paper Bales

Our paper bales are sent for recycling where they are blended in large tanks of water and turned into paper pulp, eventually becoming new paper products.

Uncompromised Compliance & Security

It’s not wise for an individual, business or government office to simply throw away old documents, uniforms or electronic media—and in many cases, it’s illegal. You also want to guard your company’s own sensitive information.  A host of federal and state regulations call for the secure destruction of certain kinds of information, ranging from customer's Social Security numbers to medical records and other industry-specific data. The risk of confidential information leaks only reinforces the need for ultimate security. That is why we provide our customers with high-level warehousing and/or destruction services. We understand the risks involved, including privacy violations and legal action that can arise when sensitive information is not professionally destroyed.

Certified Document Destruction & Disposal

Sun City Shredding offers our customers a secure shredding program that is dedicated to safe shredding at our off-site facility.  Once documents are placed in our industrial shredder, the documents will be scattered and shred by titanium blades, making all material unable to be reconstructed. In the end, we provide you with an official certificate of destruction for your records. This certificate documents to whom the documents were passed to and how they were destroyed and on what date they were destroyed. For honest pricing and absolute secure document destruction and disposal in El Paso, contact us today!