Indexing Services in El Paso

Our offices are sacred places for productivity, creativity, and innovation… that is, of course, until we are drowning in paperwork and wondering how our offices became so full in the first place. Even with the move toward digital--digital processing, digital storage--our hardworking attitudes still somehow end up buried under piles of papers and faxes and notes. If you need a better, more organized, and secure way of storing all of your important documents, Sun City Shredding can help. We offer indexing services, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in mountains of paperwork. 

What are Indexing Services?

When we index your documents, we organize them alphabetically, numerically, or in another specific order. Then, we store them in boxes in our warehouse. Every box in our warehouse is bar-coded so we can access everything quickly and efficiently. Our indexing services allow you to keep and maintain all of your documents without your office being overcrowded. And because we offer easy access to your files, you can take them out the same day you need them. 

The Benefits of Indexing

Indexing your documents comes with many benefits. These benefits include:

  • Staying Organized- This can be hard to do, especially when you have years and years of paper history piling up in your office and crowding your cabinet drawers. With our indexing services, you can stay more organized than before.
  • Increased Productivity- The crazy thing about productivity is it can depend on numerous factors, including organization. Studies have shown that the more disorganized you are, the more likely you are to struggle with being productive and staying focused. When you get organized, you get productive.
  • Easy Access- With everything indexed, you can easily access files you may suddenly need from five, ten, or however many years ago. You won’t have to worry about digging through filing cabinets for hours to find something from decades ago. When it’s stored at our warehouse, you can access it quickly.
  • No Need to Shred- Sometimes, when we’re in need of more office space, we opt to shred certain documents we think we no longer need just to find out later that we do, in fact, need them. When you storme your documents with us, you don’t have to shred to make more room. But if you do need to shred a crazy number of documents, we’ve got you covered as well. 

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