Paper Recycling in El Paso

When your company partners with a secure shredding service, like Sun City Shredding, you are getting the best of paper recycling and proper disposal of sensitive information in El Paso. You are doing the environment a favor without compromising confidentiality and security. It is estimated that the United States consumes more than 80 million tons of paper annually. You may think that most of it is found right where you work. Fortunately, we have a solution for all residential and commercial paper overflow. By offering our customers a certified recycling program, all papers are safely shredded in our industrial sized shredder and later sent to the recycling plant.

We Do Green Shredding Services

We take environmental matters seriously. That is why we serve our local community with professional paper recycling services instead of adding to the landfill. To date, our company has recycled up to 5 million pounds of paper and we continue to increase this number each day! When you choose us as your local shredding service, your paper documents are destroyed off-site, for increased security and 100% of the material is recycled into other paper products.

Higher Efficiency Saves More Trees

We try our best to give back to the Earth and support the environment in any way we can. Through our streamlined techniques, we are able to make document disposal and recycling a smoother and greener process. Our fast and efficient processing allows us to increase the amount of paper recycling in El Paso. For more information on all our paper recycling services in El Paso, contact us today!