We’re Not Just a Paper Shredding Company in El Paso

Although we offer full service paper shredding in El Paso, we also do so much more.

Our uniform destruction makes it harder for individuals to pose as a person in power, such as Border Patrol, school janitor uniforms, etc.

Our Full List of Services includes:

  • Nation Wide Uniform Destruction Services (Ship & Shred)

  • Document Destruction and Disposal

  • Document Storage

  • Document Management

  • Document Indexing

  • Paper Recycling

For all our shredding services, our customers do not need to remove any staples, clips, or do any kind of alterations to the documents before they are transferred to us. You also don’t have to worry about doing any kind of pre shredding or tear up of the papers beforehand. You simply leave every document as-is and we handle the rest.

When you need documents shredded, simply as many that will fit into one of our standard sized boxes. Our document shredding prices are priced per box. Follow these steps:

1.    Count how many boxes you have at your location that resemble the two sizing options we have online, and then add them to your cart.

2.    We will then call, email or text you, depending on your preference to confirm your order.

3.    If the boxes you need to have shredded are in a difficult area to count, please call us at (915) 542-1111. We can schedule the job and move the boxes for you. We will then count the boxes on-site and give you the same hassle-free pricing at your location.

4.    There is no pressure to get an exact amount, just simply estimate it to the best of your ability and we can figure it out the details on-site.

We promise to always be fair and make you comfortable with the process.

With our flat rate bin prices, the cost includes the entire process:

  • Bin Transportation

  • Document Shredding

  • Tax

  • Certificate of Destruction

How our Monthly Service Option Works

Our monthly service option is a great way to keep important documents safe and secure until they are ready to be destroyed. During the first week of every month, an employee will arrive at your location and exchange your bin with a clean and empty bin. The containers will then be securely transported to our industrial shredder. Containers can also be used on a one-time basis, and are a great way to sort and dispose of documents from multiple locations on-site. For more information on any of our affordable shredding services in El Paso, contact us!